Let's sew a closet basic. A sweatshirt pattern with raglan sleeves.

Among all the things I like in the world of sewing, and I tell you that there are many, I find especially attractive the projects that are done in a very short time. They are the ones that give me more satisfaction because it is a "said and done" and you have an immediate result,so you don't get tired of it because it doesn't take too long and you don't end up abandoning it in the basket of unfinished projects.

The cropped sweatshirt pattern with raglan sleeve is one of these projects. It's such a simple pattern to sew and requires so few sewing steps that you won't be left with just one. It is also a pattern that you can modify even if you don't have any knowledge of pattern making and make for example a sweatshirt dress by lengthening the hem a few centimeters.

What features does this sweatshirt pattern have

  • Even if you have little knowledge of sewing you will be able to modify the length and adapt it to your style.
  • 1 sweatshirt pattern but you can have several garments. Sweatshirt dress, pajamas, long sleeve sweatshirt, short sleeve sweatshirt. You can add a zippered or unzippered pocket...
  • The cuffs are decorated with piping that is achieved by folding the sleeve in a certain way.
  • Wide range of sizes. From 36 to 50.
  • Give a different style to your look with a simple change of size. The bigger the more casual.
  • It is sewn in just a few steps.

Patrón digital sudadera cropped manga ranglán

Tips for sewing knitted or stretch fabrics:

  1. I sewed this sweatshirt with a home sewing machine.
  2. You will need a ball point needle (specifically for stretch fabrics), so that the fabric fibers move sideways when the needle goes through the fabric and do not break.
  3. Use a zig zag stitch if you use a flat machine (normal) or any specific stitch for elastic fabrics in garments that are tight to the body because if you use straight stitches when stretching the fabric they will split. If the model you are going to sew is wide you can use straight stitch without any problem.
  4. If you have an overlocker, use the four threads to sew and polish the seam allowance. In a single pass you will do both operations (sewing and polishing the seam allowance).
  5. Uses presser foot for elastic fabrics. The Teflon presser foot or the double-drag foot.The Teflon foot is non-stick and travels over the fabric without stretching. The double-drag foot walks on top of the fabric.

Outfit ideas

Step by step video tutorial on raglan sleeve sweatshirt


Note: The sewing process shown in the video is personal and indicative. This is how I sewed it. There are other processes to reach the same result and here I explain one of them. Include your own solutions or add new details that do not appear in the video. It is possible that you have sewn something similar in some occasion and that you have done some part of the process in a different way. All options are valid. I advise you to try several and then decide which one you find most comfortable to sew.