Women's Shirt Patterns

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Patrón camisa básica manga larga
Basic long sleeve shirt pattern
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Patterns of shirts for women

Sewing your own clothes is a doubly rewarding task. On the one hand, you will forget for a while the daily stress between stitches; on the other, it has that "vintage" point that is so fashionable lately.

In Making Patterns Fly kits We want to help you make your own women's shirts through our sewing patterns. There are different levels of difficulty, but we'll explain all the steps so you can get started even if it's the first time you pick up some needles.

One pattern, endless possibilities

If you combine one of our shirt patterns with your imagination, the possibilities are practically limitless.

We offer you the starting point, which, of course, you can improve to create even more personalized shirts: an embroidered name, a patch... anything that reflects your style.

How to sew your shirts with the patterns of Making Patterns Fly

You will receive digital sewing pattern in PDF, with the information and steps to sew one of our models of women's shirts. Specifically:

  • The materials needed to sew the garment.
  • The explanation to join the different pieces that make up the pattern.
  • I have made Illustrations about the process, with explanatory texts.s pieces that make up the pattern.
  • The pattern of the shirt in din4 format, so you can print it at home, and in din0 format, to print it at a copy shop.

In addition, most of the patterns include a video tutorial with the whole process, in case you ever get stuck and need a “voice” explanation to continue.

Regarding the sizes, they are separated by layers, so you can easily cut the pieces of the shirt in the size you have chosen.