Long skirt patterns

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Patrón falda midi pareo Thai
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Patterns of long skirts for women

A long skirt pattern is a good option for any type of wardrobe. For the most classic or for the most daring, more casual or bohemian, for the youngest or the elderly, you will give it your personal touch depending on the fabric you are going to use or with the accessories that will accompany it later.

A skirt pattern, the lengths you want

The patterns of long skirts have the advantage that the length is decided by you. I give you an option and you lengthen or shorten it to your liking. That you don't want to show your knees, a little longer, that you like to show your brown legs in summer, a little shorter, you prefer a high waist or waist to hip... Choose the length that you know best suits you and makes you feel more confident .

This is the difference between sewing your own clothes or buying them, that you know what suits you and what suits your figure best and you decide what you want to wear, other than the trends that decide for you.

Advantages of sewing your own clothes with Making Patterns Fly

You will be able to sew the pattern at your own pace because you will have sewing instructions to print next to your sewing machine. You can repeat the garment as many times as you want because you will have the pattern. If you have changed sizes you will have more sizes that you can print again. If you get stuck you can use the video tutorials and for anything you can  consult to me directly.