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It is important that you take the measurements in your underwear that you usually wear and that you do not measure yourself after eating or during your period which is when you are likely to be more bloated.

To measure your bust, put the tape around the middle of your bust, generally just above the nipple. The tape should be straight, at the hight of the shoulder blades and comfortable, neither too tight or too loose.


To locate the waist, bend your body slightly to one side. The fold that appears is the waist. Place the measuring tape around the waist without pulling too tight or leaving it too loose.


For the hip measurement, with your legs together, place the measuring tape over the widest part of your bottom. The tape must be comfortable, neither too tight or too loose.


Once you have taken your measurements, consult the table of measurements of the body that appears in the photo gallery of each pattern. The measurements in this table are the same in all the patterns because they refer to the generic body measurements that I have defined for my brand, then compare them with your stockings and you will see which pattern size best fits your measurements. If you are between two sizes, choose the larger one, you will always have time to tighten the garment.



Once you have decided what size you have in my brand, it will be the same one that you should choose in the table of measurements of the garment.



If you have doubts between two sizes, I advise you to choose the large size because you will always be in time to tighten the garment.

Yes, in the photo gallery of each model you will see the "garment measurements" box where you can check the most relevant measurements of the garment.


When you purchase a pattern, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link where you can download the pdf file of the pattern you have purchased. The pattern includes all the sizes and the instructions are in English and Spanish. Some of our patterns can be found in English-French on wissew.

I recommend that you download the pdf documents to your desktop as soon as you receive the download links. You have three months to do it and two download attempts. If for some reason the link has expired you can write to me at:

In the documents that you will download you will find:

Front page On the cover of the document you will see the name of the pattern, the sizes that this model has and the level of difficulty indicated with 5 stars, one star being a simple pattern and five stars a complicated pattern.

patrones digitales- portada minishort

A list of the materials you will need and a guide to body measurements and measurements of the garment: On this sheet you will find two sections; the materials and supplies that you will need to make the garment, amounts of fabric or lining or if it has any supplies, a zipper, the units that you will need, buttons. In the second section sizes guide and body measurements You will see two tables, the first with the measurements of the body. These measurements are taken directly on the body on top of the underwear. Find your measurement in the first box and compare it with the measurements in the second box to decide which size to wear. If you doubt between two sizes, it is better to choose the larger one, you will always have time to slightly adjust the garment to adapt it to your measurements.


A map with the union of the leaves of the pattern: On this sheet you will find a map with the pattern sheets assembled. You just have to follow the alphanumeric order indicated in the center of each sheet to complete the puzzle. Once you have the sheets attached, you will be able to cut out each of the pieces that make up the pattern in the size you have chosen, following the type of line assigned to each size.


The pattern: You can download two formats: din a4 to print at home with a domestic printer or din a0 if you want to print the complete pattern in a copy shop.

When you print the din a4 file at home make sure you don't have any scaling value applied in the print settings. The size has to be 100% scale. Print the first sheet and check that the print box measures 5 x 5 cm. and if it is correct it prints the rest of the sheets.

If you take the document to the copy shop, tell the person who is going to print the document that it must be printed at full scale (100%) and make sure that the printing box measures 5 x 5 cm.

Information on the first pattern sheet: On this first sheet (first image) you will see the name of the pattern, the sizes, the printing box (which should measure 5 x 5 cm once you print this sheet), the drawing of the model and each of the pieces that It is made up associated with a letter, the legend of the name of the pieces together with its associated letter and finally the sizes with their corresponding line type. In the din a0 document (second image) you will find the same information in the gray box that you will find at the top left.

patronesdigitales-patron-12       patronesdigitales-dina0

Cutting layout In the cutting layout I am going to suggest how you should fold the fabric, how you can place the pattern pieces and the result of the pieces once cut in the fabric. This cutting plane is a suggestion, i recommend that before cutting you place all the pieces on top of your fabric and decide what is the best arrangement to make the most of your fabric and make sure that you will not miss it.


Sewing directions In the sewing order, I will show you step by step with illustrations and supporting texts in Spanish and English how I have sewn the garment. This way is not the only way and probably if you already have some practice with sewing you will have your own way of sewing some steps.

On this first sheet you will see a notice indicating that all the pattern pieces include seam allowances. A suggestion for ironing and the indication of the right and wrong side of the fabric.


Illustration On the last page you will see an illustration of the garment on the body and if you want to see the real garment you only have to scan the Qr code that appears below the illustration to visit my website. In the photo gallery you will see images of the garment made. You can also see variations of the same model in my Instagram.