sewing kit

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Sewing kit
Tote bag
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kit de costura bolso tela vichy
Sewing kit
bolsa de mano dos medidas Turka-Inuk
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kit de costura gorro pescador
Sewing kit
gorro de pescador bucket Rain Lily
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Sewing kit
kimono Sisho (unisex)
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Sewing kit
tote bag pocket
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patron de costura falda midi lazo espalda
Sewing kit
falda midi cintura engomada y lazo Musubi
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sewing kits

Sewing kits they are an ideal option if you love to sew but have little time to go buy everything you need to make your own clothes or accessories yourself.

It will not be necessary for you to go buy anything because I do it for you and you will receive everything at home. You will only have to think about getting your sewing machine ready. In the sewing kits you will find the same fabric of the garment or accessory that I show you on the web. You won't need to print the digital patterns because I print them for you and attach them to the sewing kit. You will receive a book with step-by-step illustrated sewing instructions and support texts so you don't miss any detail of the sewing process.

And if you have any questions you can contact me and I will help you in everything you need.

A very special gift made with love

Finding a different, original and meaningful gift is much easier than it seems. Give a making patterns fly sewing kit to your friend that you know loves sewing and everything handmade or you can also sew it yourself and give away what you have sewn. Handmade gifts are very special gifts because they take part of your time, your love and your thought and this cannot be achieved with a gift bought without further ado.