There is nothing better than a school smock to protect our children's clothes from the daily battles they have to face every day at school. In this video I'm going to teach you how to sew it step by step in both versions, the long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions, although the latter is as simple as not sewing the sleeves and finishing the margins with a bias tape.

To make the gowns in the video I have used a checkered poplin for the long-sleeved version and a petrol blue trench coat for the short-sleeved version

Whatever fabric you are going to buy, I recommend that it have a mixture of polyester and cotton in its composition (approximately 70% polyester / 30% cotton). As you already know, school gowns have to be washed continuously and with this type of mixture the fabric will dry much faster and you will hardly need to iron it.

To give you an idea of ​​the sizes, in the photos that appear at the end of the video, the gown that Carla is wearing is a size 7 and she is 1.17 m tall.

We started…

The process of making the video is the same as the one that appears in the printable pdf, although there are some details that, due to the type of fabric I have chosen to make this video, I have modified or omitted. When you have the fabric that you are going to use, assess which option suits you best and you can even include your own solutions or provide new details that do not appear in the printable pdf or in the video tutorial.