What do I need, what pocket am I going to use

To be able to choose which pocket you can use in your projects, it is best to know all of them. The more you know, the more possibilities you will have to decide the one that best suits the use you are going to give to a certain pattern of clothing or accessory.

The gusseted pocket or cargo pocket is characterized by having a side piece that gives it extra volume or a bellows on the front of the main pocket piece. Originally, it was used in military clothing due to its carrying capacity and over time it has been included in a multitude of garments in other areas.

The gusseted pocket I want to show you is the most basic. It only has one side bellows and is square.I will show you step by step how to make the pattern and how to sew itYou can vary this one to your liking by adding different elements, changing the shape of the pocket, oval, peaked, with round corners or combining fabrics of different colors or textures:

  1. You can add a top placket as a cover.
  2. With top placket and ojal buttonhole eyelet..
  3. With top placket and tab and button.
  4. With top placket and Snap strap and closure
  5. No lid and velcro
  6. With zipper ...

Diferentes maneras de hacer un bolsillo con fuelle con tapeta Diferentes maneras de hacer un bolsillo con fuelle. botón y ojal Diferentes maneras de hacer un bolsillo con fuelle

Diferentes maneras de hacer un bolsillo con fuelle. Con tira y cierre snap Diferentes maneras de hacer un bolsillo con fuelle bolsillo con fuelle variaciones

I'm going to give you some ideas of some of my patterns where you could include it:

  • Inside the pattern of the Pocket tote bag. Here I would put the zipper (5).
  • In the pattern of the Big Bag foldable tote bag. Here I would put the velcro one on the sides (6), and on the inside with a lid (1).
  • In some of the basic t-shirts that are wider, such as the basic tank top. Here I would put one with a button on the front (2).
  • or in a purchased garment that you want to customize.

  Patron costura tote bag con bolsillo forro cremallera  Patrón costura bolso estuche bolsa mano big bag  Patrón digital camiseta básica sin mangas

How to make the gusseted pocket pattern and how to sew a gusseted pocket.


Note: The tailoring process that you have seen in the video is personal and indicative. That's how I sewed it, but you can include your own solutions or add new details that don't appear in the video. It's possible that you've sewn it at some point and at some point in the process you've done it differently. All options are valid. I advise you to try several and then decide the one that is most comfortable for you to sew.