To be able to choose which pocket you can use in your projects, it is best to know them all. The more you know, the more possibilities you will have to decide the one that best suits the use that you are going to give to a certain pattern of clothing or accessory.

The pocket with bellows or cargo pocket is characterized by having a side piece that gives it extra volume or a bellows on the front of the main part of the pocket. Originally it was used in military clothing for its load capacity and over time it has been included in a multitude of garments from other areas.

The pocket that I want to show you is the most basic. It only has a side bellows. From this you can vary it at will. You can add a top flap as a cover, a buttonhole to add a button, unlined or lined, combining different types of fabric, you can put a strap with a buckle, a velcro. The list is endless and surely more possibilities are coming to mind right now.

I'm going to give you some ideas of some of my patterns where you could include it. In any of our bag patterns both inside and out. The tote bag, the tote pocket or the Turka & Inuk bag. You could put it on any of the skirts like the one Christian midi skirt, the Musubi midi skirt or in the Jumpsuit Titi. Go see the patterns in the gallery and maybe you will find one or more that will suit you well for this type of pocket.

Let's go...

The manufacturing process that you have seen in the video is personal and indicative. This is how I have sewn it but you can include your own solutions or provide new details that do not appear in the video. It is possible that you have sewn it on some occasion and that in some part of the process you have done it differently. All options are valid. I advise you to try several and then decide the one that is most comfortable for you to sew.