patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body Noa cadera baja

Basic thong bodysuit pattern


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Wearing a bodysuit is like Vivaldi's four seasons, for winter, summer, autumn and spring. In summer you wear them outside, in winter as underwear to keep you warm, and in spring and autumn with a thin jacket on top.

This bodysuit pattern is thong style so as not to leave a mark on your pants. The neckline, armholes and hems are finished with a rubber lingerie strip so that the model fits perfectly to the body. The inseam is finished with snap closures at two distances so you can adjust it to the length of your shot. You can sew it without any problem with your home sewing machine. For this model I used cotton jersey with elastane. In the images, Marta is wearing the size M of the pattern.

formatos patrones. dina4 dina0 por capas y video tutorial

What are you going to download?

  • Sewing instructions pdf format.
  • Din A4 format pattern to assemble and print at home.
  • Din a0 format pattern for copy shop.
  • All sizes: XS-XXL.
  • Sizes separated by layers.
  • Spanish and English
  • Difficulty: 1/5

If you have any questions, write me a whatsapp message on the icon at the bottom right of the screen.


  • Description


    I tell you more things

    I like to investigate the origin of things and I am surprised to see that many times their history is long. Time changes them and adapts them to the needs of each era. The case of the bodysuit is a garment that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century around 1920 and that over the decades has evolved and adapted to many uses. It superseded, and for obvious reasons, the corset that limited women's movements. Its peak moment was in the 1980s when actresses made this garment fashionable in sports disciplines such as aerobics and half the world fell at their feet.

    Those of us who sew know how much we like fabrics and that is why another characteristic that I like to highlight in certain garments is the variety of different styles that you can give them depending on the fabric you choose. That's why I wanted to make the pattern for this bodysuit, in this case a thong bodysuit and use a cotton knit with elastane in white so as not to interfere with your tastes. Just look at the pattern, think about what you are going to use it for and choose the fabric that best defines your personality and if you prefer extra comfort you have the version of the basic low hip bodysuit pattern.

    Wear the basic thong bodysuit or the basic low-hip bodysuit in summer with a wide skirt like the Thai pareo skirt, the Christian midi skirt pattern, or the Musubi midi skirt patternin spring with a thin cardigan, in fall with a jacket like the Daisy French sleeve jacket and in winter use it as underwear along with the Sisho Kimono to keep your back warm or combine it with the bamboo pants for those Sunday afternoons watching a movie at home. Also combine it with any of the 5 basic t-shirts or with culotte panties to wear a very informal pajama look.

    If you want to see more ideas, come and get inspired by my Instagram y account and Facebook and see the different possibilities that the same pattern has.

    What do you need?

    • What am i downloading? (see more).
    • For these models we recommend that you use cotton knit with elastane.
    • The amount of fabric that I suggest for this model refers to the largest size (XXL).
    • Estimated fabric quantity: 80 cm.
    • Use round-point needles for stretch fabrics and zig zag stitches.
    • Lingerie rubber.
    • Snap or hook closures.
    • Normal sewing tools (tape measure, scissors, pins, paper...).

    How do i take the measurements?

    The main measurements para este modelo es el  contorno de pecho y de cadera. See the garment measurement chart in the illustration to the right.

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