pack 3 patrones básicos 2 bodies 1 braga culote
pack 3 patrones básicos 2 bodies 1 braga culote
patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body tanga
body Noa tanga vector
patrón costura body tanga
patrón costura body Noa pierna baja vector
patrón costura braga culote Noa
patrón costura braga culote
bragas culote Noa vector

Pack 3 patterns
2 bodysuits and 1 short


15,00 €

I leave you these blank canvases with these three basics, the two bodysuits and the culotte panties so that you can let your imagination fly and use the fabrics that best define your style. Also separately, low hip bodysuit, basic thong bodysuit, basic panties culotte.

This pack has 3 basic patterns:

  • Low hip bodysuit pattern.
  • Thong bodysuit pattern.
  • Culottes panty pattern.

For the two bodysuits and the panties I used a cotton knit with elastane. You can sew it without any problem with your home sewing machine. In the images Marta wears size M in all models.

formatos patrones. dina4 dina0 por capas y video tutorial

What are you going to download?

  • Sewing instructions pdf format.
  • Din A4 format pattern to assemble and print at home.
  • Pattern in din a0 and din a2 format (shorts) for copy shops.
  • All sizes XS-XXL.
  • Sizes separated by layers.
  • Spanish and English
  • Francés (Contact me)
  • Difficulty: 1/5

If you have any questions, write me a whatsapp message on the icon at the bottom right of the screen.


  • Description


    I tell you more things

    What do you need?

    • What am i downloading? (see more).
    • For these models we recommend that you use cotton knit with elastane.
    • The amount of fabric we suggest for each model is indicated in the instructions.
    • Normal sewing tools (tape measure, scissors, pins, paper...).

    How do i take the measurements?

    The main measurements for this model is the chest contour and hip contour. See the measurements charts in the images on the right.

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