Sewing patterns

The sewing patterns have a past that dates back to the 18th century. They have evolved according to the needs of each moment and the social circumstances of each era. The history is very long and very interesting and as I am not a specialist in fashion history, I prefer that people who are and who have dedicated themselves to research and look for credible sources of all its evolution, that they and the texts they have written are the ones who inform you of all this transformation. I invite you to read about the history of sewing patterns because it is very interesting.

How to print and assemble digital sewing patterns

What i can tell you about is digital sewing patterns which is what I have been doing for years. All of us who sell digital sewing patterns have to thank the creation of the internet and the evolution of computers for all the programs we use that help us to create digital patterns and prepare the sewing instructions. Without this medium we would not be able to reach so many parts of the world so cheaply and quickly. You buy it and you can live five minutes away from my place of work or thousands of kilometers away and receive it at the moment comfortably in the inbox of your email.

What to do once you receive the files in pdf format

  • Once you receive the patterns in your email you download and save the pdf files on your computer desktop to have them at hand whenever you want to use them.
  • To print the A4 puzzle format, use a home printer. formato A4 tipo puzzle usa una impresora doméstica.
  • Before printing all sheets make sure that in your printer settings you do not have any scaling value applied. The value must be 100%. You can take the A0 file to the copy shop to have the complete pattern printed if you do not want to mount all the sheets of the pattern.

ajustes impresora patrones digitales

A4 print scaling control

  • Print the first sheet of the pattern and check that the Control Square measures 5 x 5 cm or 3 x 3 ". Once you have confirmed that the square measures as indicated you can print the rest of the sheets. With this check box you can be sure that the pattern is to scale.

cuadro de control de impresion patrones digitales

Print control panel

  • The sheets are ordered by numbers and letters.1A, 2A, 3A - 2A, 2B, 2C . The numbers indicate the order of the sheets and the letters indicate the rows. Sort the sheets correctly to make sure you have not left any out before proceeding with the joining.

orden hojas patrón digital

Alphanumeric order of the digital pattern sheets

  • To Join the leaves of the pattern you can do it in two ways or by cutting the discontinuous line around each leaf and join the leaves by matching them by their cut edges and then join the leaves with tape or,

Linea de corte patrones digitales            Union hojas del patron digitalUnion hojas del patron digital

Trimming frame for assembling the pattern sheets

  • or by folding the tips of the right side of each sheet up and down. Fold the tip just by the corner of the dotted frame. Then overlap one sheet on top of the next by matching the dashed lines of both sheets and then you can tape them together. This second option is the fastest because you don't have to cut out all four sides of each sheet. Try both ways and choose the one you like best.

Union hojas patron digital costura puntas dobladas             Union hojas patron digital costura puntas dobladas

Another way to assemble the sheets. Folded tips.

  • When you have assembled the puzzle choose the size you need and cut out all the pieces by the type of line your size has. In the newer patterns the sizes are separated by layers so that you can leave visualized only the size you are going to cut out. Open the pdf file and in Acrobat reader you can activate or deactivate the layer of the size you need.

Selección de tallas patrones digitales de costura

Legend of sizes and their correspondence with line type

What information do you have on each piece

The information on each piece will help you identify the digital pattern model,how many pieces it has, which piece it is, how you should cut it, etc. how many pieces it has, which piece it is, how you should cut the fabric, etc. All this will help you in the making process and if you save the pattern to make it later, when you return to it, it will help you to have all the pieces of the model in question under control.

Información piezas patrones digitales de costura

Information contained in each piece:

  1. b: The letter of the piece (in this case b) tells you what the piece is, whether it is a front, back, waistband, etc. and corresponds to the legend on the first page.
  2. Model: is the name of the pattern.
  3. Piece: is the name of the piece. I'll tell you again which pattern piece it is in case you don't have the legend nearby.
  4. SizesHow many sizes does this model have.
  5. Cut: how many sheets of fabric you have to cut and if they are loin or not (with the fabric folded).
  6. Piece 2/2: Numbering of the pieces ( 1/2 - 2/2 ). The number on the left is the piece in question and the number on the right indicates that this pattern has a total of 2 pieces. For patterns with many pieces it is important to have this information because it may be the case that you save the pattern to cut and sew later and with this numbering you make sure that the pattern is complete.

With all that I have told you, you can start cutting the fabric. When you have all the pieces cut you can start sewing following the illustrated instructions with their supporting texts or with the video tutorial. I will show you step by step how to sew your new garment.

instrucciones ilustradas paso a paso patrones digitales de costura

Illustrated step by step

I have prepared this short animation about digital sewing patterns for you.

I have prepared this short video with a fun animation to illustrate what I have explained. You will enjoy doing in your free time what you like the most, you will adapt fashion to your style and above all the most important thing is that you will have a responsible consumption and you will participate in a more sustainable fashion.