This Tote Pocket pattern is the big brother of the other Tote with a pocket that I introduced you to a while ago. Many of you asked me to have a lining and a zipper and that is why I have made this updated version and now you have the possibility of making the basic or the complete one. As the way to make it is different, I have prepared a new video to show you how I have sewn it.

I hope you enjoy sewing your new bag and without further ado…we started.

The process of making the video is the same as the one that appears in the printable pdf that you have downloaded, although there are some details that may have been modified or omitted due to the type of fabric I have chosen to make this video. When you have the fabric that you are going to use, assess which option suits you best and you can even include your own solutions or provide new details that do not appear in the printable pdf or in the video tutorial.