Do you know the saying “the bag or your life”? But mine is not a robbery because in my case I am not going to take the bag from you, but I am going to put it on you and you are going to fill it with life.

Summer for me is synonymous with cloth bags and that is why for this year I propose this bag in two sizes, one for the beach and the other for a walk because: don't you think that there is nothing better than after a refreshing swim on the beach? With your big Turka bag you go for a walk in the cool of the afternoon with your smallest companion Inuk to have an ice cream?. Well that... close your eyes and start imagining 🙂

Patrón de costura bolsa de mano tela

We started...

The process of making the video is the same as the one that appears in the printable pdf, although there are some details that may have been modified or omitted due to the type of fabric I have chosen to make this video. When you have the fabric that you are going to use, assess which option suits you best and you can even include your own solutions or provide new details that do not appear in the printable pdf or in the video tutorial.