This is a very practical type of pocket that you will have seen in a multitude of garments and now is the time for you to learn how to sew it yourself and include it in your sewing projects, whether you use flat or knitted fabrics or if you want to sew it on a garment or in an accessory: a trouser front or a back, the front of a T-shirt, an inside pocket of a bag, a side pocket of a pencil case... the possibilities are many and varied. I encourage you to complement your favorite patterns by adding this type of pocket, you will see how simple it is.

At the same time, I will teach you how to sew this pocket on the side of pants and I will use the Bamboo pants pattern as an example. The process is the same, only the moment of sewing the pocket bottom changes. 

Patrón de costura pantalón de chándal costuras retorcidas

Practice a lot and above all enjoy the whole process…we started.

The manufacturing process that you have seen in the video is personal and indicative. This is how I have sewn it but you can include your own solutions or provide new details that do not appear in the video. It is possible that you have sewn it on some occasion and that in some part of the process you have done it differently.

All paths are good if we reach the same result!