With this publication we begin a series of tutorials in which we are going to explain step by step how to do the basic seams. They are seams that you will have seen in countless garments and that now I am going to explain to you little by little so that you can apply them to your sewing projects. With this variety of seams you can decide what final finish you want to give to each of your garments. 

This type of finish is called in various ways. I know it as hidden bias but it can also be called a bound seam. It is commonly used to finish armholes or necklines and you will find it in many garments.  

You can either buy the bias bias at any haberdashery, choosing the color and width that best suits your project, or if you want it to be made of the same fabric that you have already bought, you can easily do it with a bias nozzle. If you want to see how to do it, we will explain it to you in bias tapes with your favorite fabrics.

Aqui te dejo un patrón para que practiques este tipo de bies escondido. Es el top Campanella. En este modelo todo el escote delantero y trasero y los tirantes llevan bies escondido.

patron costura top mujer tirantes cruzados


In the step by step that I am going to show you I have used a purchased bias tape.