A tribute to all grandmothers. It's for you yaya Mariona

There are many reasons why I come up with new patterns and in this case I want to explain the reasons why I wanted to make this folding fabric bag with pouch pattern.

  • Because of a memory of my childhood with my grandmother Mariona, my father's mother. She always carried in her purse this kind of auxiliary bags with case. She was a very polished woman who carried everything in her purse and always very tidy.
  • In the past it was not common to get plastic bags in stores, I don't even remember them, that's why my grandmothers and my mother or the rest of the people who did their daily shopping always carried their own fabric bag or trolley.
  • Reduce consumption of plastic bags.This trend is changing. Since January 1, 2018 it was decreed the charge of plastic bags to reduce their consumption. Progress has been made and their use has been considerably reduced but there is still a long way to go and that's where I want to do my bit so that all of you sew yourselves a bag-case like my grandmother's.
  • Be part of this change with small actions such as sewing a collapsible cloth bag.
  • I invite you to take part in this change y te invito a que te cosas la tuya.

Patron digital bolsa plegable con estuche Mariona

sewing is for fun

Play with the colors and textures of the fabrics to create a contrast between the bag and the case. Combine the colors of the ribbon and the zipper. Play with the color of the zipper and the trolley.

patron costura bolsa plegable con estuche en la base mariona variación colores   bolsa plegable con Patrón costura pdf estuche en la base mariona variación colores   patrón costura bolsa plegable con estuche en la base mariona variación colores

bolsa plegable estuche en base mariona variación colores   bolsa plegable estuche en base mariona variación colores texturas    bolsa plegable con estuche en la base mariona variación colores

What you will learn when you sew this fabric folding bag pattern

  • You will learn how to sew a French seam so that the inside seam allowances are neat.
  • If you haven't sewn a zipper before, you can learn how to do it here, and if that's not enough, in a round corner.
  • You can add an extra zippered pocket to the case. You can also apply it to the bag.
  • You will learn how to sew a tunnel.In this case to pass the handles.
  • You will learn how to weave a fabric. It's not much of a secret but you may never have done it before.

Extras you can add to the bag

The pattern of the Mariona pouch bag is a starting point from which, depending on your needs or your tastes, you can add extras. In the following video I will explain how to sew a zippered pocket on the back of the pouch. The pieces you will need to sew the pocket and the explanation are not included in the pattern download files. You will find this additional information in the video tutorial.

When you sew the Mariona pouch pattern with the zipper pocket, first sew the pocket on one of the two pieces of the pouch and then follow the rest of the steps that I indicate in the download instructions.


Note: The sewing process shown in the video is personal and indicative. This is how I sewed it. There are other processes to reach the same result and here I explain one of them. Include your own solutions or add new details that do not appear in the video. It is possible that you have sewn something similar in some occasion and that you have done some part of the process in a different way. All options are valid. I advise you to try several and then decide which one you find most comfortable to sew.