Tarjeta regalo corazón

Gift card


Cuando sabes que alguien es un apasionado de la costura y de los patrones digitales, hacerle un regalo nunca ha sido tan fácil. Envía una tarjeta regalo en el momento o programando una fecha y que sea el destinatario el que elija el patrón que más le guste.

If you want to give a gift card:

Choose the amount of the card. Decide the day you want to send it. Write your name so they know it's you and a beautiful message that makes them cry with joy and the email of the person who will receive this beautiful gift card that they can exchange for any of my patterns and sewing kits.

You will instantly receive an email to let you know that the card has been sent correctly. And that's it!

If they have sent you a gift card:

Choose the pattern you like the most and add it to the shopping cart. In “add coupon” write the code that appears on your gift card. You can use it until the entire value of the gift card is used up and if you have extra balance and you do not have enough to complete the purchase of another patron, the system will will request an alternative payment system in addition to the gift card.

If you have any questions, write me a whatsapp message on the icon at the bottom right of the screen.

(Recipient will receive the gift card on selected date)

Characters: (0/300)

Send email to the beneficiary
The person you are giving a gift to will receive an email with instructions for using the gift card.


Giftcard Notice

This gift card will expire 365 days after purchase.

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