We continue with the videos from our sewing library. In this next tutorial I am going to explain step by step how to sew an cord in a basic seam. It is a very simple seam since it is simply a matter of making the straight seam that you already know how to do but inserting a live cord between the two fabrics. 

The basic seam with cord gives the garment a different and original finish to the seams of your projects. The result is very attractive and is not complicated at all. You can apply it to many parts of the garment, such as collars, cuffs, the side seams of pants or skirt waistbands, pockets, or if you want, shoulder seams. You can put them where you want. 

You will find these cordsin any haberdashery in a wide variety of colors and shapes so you can choose the one that best suits your project.

See for yourself how simple it is and how well it looks..