women patterns

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patrón de costura top baby doll
Adjustable strap top pattern "baby doll"
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patrón de costura vestido volante5
Frilled dress pattern
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Patrón de costura de tote bag
Patrón Tote Bag con bolsillo exterior grande
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patron de costura mini short cintura engomada
Pattern baggy shorts
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patrón de costura falda basica midi3
Patrón falda midi bolsillos laterales Christian
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patrón de costura top acampanado espalda cruzada3
Patrón top cuello halter Campanella
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Patron de costura cuello extraible piel
Removable collar sewing pattern
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patron de costura mini falda cintura engomada
Patrón minifalda básica con bolsillos laterales
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patrón de costura mini falda acampanada
Patrón mini falda evasé con cremallera central Mary
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patron de costura cuello de pelo extraible
Hair collar pattern
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patrón de costura top lazo espalda4
Patrón top tirantes con lazo espalda Vikki
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patrón camiseta holgada de tirantes
Wide strap top pattern
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sudadera cropped manga ranglan
Patrón sudadera manga ranglan estilo cropped
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women patterns

Can you imagine this scenario? An ordinary day, with the expectation of a few hours for you. Today is the time to stimulate your creativity, to disconnect from daily worries, to relax and reduce anxiety and stress.

After thinking, you ask yourself: why not sew my own clothes? Wouldn't that make it even more special? More… “mine”?

So, you decide to go to your favorite fabric store, where you know that you are going to find that wonderful fabric that yes or yes you have to take with you, although the idea of ​​a sewing kit where you receive everything you need and you only have to start sewing without worrying about anything else is also a very practical option.

You already have almost everything you will need to get down to work. You only have one thing left:

A women's pattern that you can follow to shape that garment you have in mind.

What will you get with the women's patterns and sewing kits from Making Patterns Fly?

If you're here, it's because you're looking forward to getting started and enjoying that moment for yourself! With my women's clothing patterns, you receive all the information and steps to make the garment:

  • What materials will you need to get started.
  • How to join the pieces of the sewing pattern.
  • Step-by-step illustrations of the sewing process, with support texts in Spanish and English.
  • The pattern in dina4 format for you to print and assemble so richly at home with your printer.
  • Also the complete sewing pattern in dina0 format, in case you prefer to print it at your trusted copy shop.
  • The sizes separated by layers* to make it easier for you to cut the pattern pieces in the size you have chosen.
  • A video tutorial**, in case you have something left in the pipeline.
  • And if you still have more questions, you don't know which women's pattern to choose, how to do it, anything... write me and I'll be happy to answer you!

with The Making Patterns Fly kits, you will receive a beautiful sewing bag with everything you need to sew at your fingertips:

  • Sewing instructions booklet in Spanish and English.
  • The meters of fabrics and trimmings necessary for the model.
  • The pattern printed in dina0 format.

* The older patterns do not have a video tutorial.
** In the older patterns the sizes are not separated by layers.

What garments can you sew with my women's patterns?

Patterns for t-shirts, shirts and tops

Sewing your own clothes can be a great way to add a personalized touch to your wardrobe. The t-shirt patterns, shirts or tops they are simple models. You can vary any of its parts to your liking and sew in an afternoon. V-neck or round neck, long or short sleeves, thin or wide straps.

Choose knit or flat fabrics and sew them in all the colors and patterns you can imagine.

Patterns of long and short skirts

It's great to be able to create something from scratch and watch it gradually take shape and best of all, you can choose the fabric and colors that best suit you. Long skirt patterns and the short skirt patterns they have simple lines and are very feminine and you can wear them throughout the year by choosing the appropriate fabric for each season. So feel free to sew your own long or short skirt.

Free yourself from the trends that set fashion and start creating beautiful garments from a sewing pattern.

Pants patterns

  The Sewing patterns for women's pants they are simple projects adapted to any level of sewing you have. Long, short, bermuda, with or without pockets. With rubber or zipper. Wider or narrower. The key is that I give you the base and the instructions and you put your imagination into motion to do whatever you want.

Dress patterns

Coser tu propio vestido puede ser una experiencia emocionante y gratificante. Con un patrón de costura adecuado, podrás crear un vestido que se ajuste perfectamente a tu cuerpo y refleje tu estilo personal. Te explicaré todos los pasos que debes seguir para coser tu vestido. Patrones de vestidos sencillos y muy femeninos para cualquier momento del año y cualquier ocasión.

Patterns of jackets and sweatshirts

Would you like to create your own jacket or sweatshirt at home? It is easier than you think! I'll show you how to do it and walk you through the whole process. choose a patrón de chaqueta o un patrón de sudadera que se adapte a tu nivel de habilidad. Elige una tela adecuada. Siguiendo las instrucciones paso a paso podrás crear tus propias sudaderas y chaquetas.

Puedes personalizar el modelo con la tela, el color y los detalles para crear una prenda única que se ajuste perfectamente a tu estilo y personalidad. ¡Atrévete a hacerlo y diviértete en el proceso!

Patrones de bolsos y otros complementos

Los patrones de bolsos y complementos son ideales para aquellos que están aprendiendo a coser y desean desarrollar su confianza en sus habilidades de costura. Son una excelente opción para aquellos que buscan diseños que nunca pasarán de moda y si usas telas de buena calidad asegurarás la durabilidad de tu proyecto.

También son una excelente manera de crear un regalo personalizado y significativo para alguien especial para ti.