You will often find yourself finished with a bias tape made of the same fabric as the garment, or that you have scraps of your favorite fabrics that you would love to use to make bias tapes. Our “baby doll” top (CAM109) has a bias of the same gender on the armholes, neckline and straps. This type of bias binding is very common and gives the garment a very polished finish. It is one of the most used in clothing because it is very simple and the garments are very well finished. I'm going to teach you step by step how to make and sew a funnel bias binding.  


patrón costura top tirantes regulables baby doll


1. You will only need two things, the bias nozzles, which you can find in any haberdashery store, and the bias foot. The bias foot is not necessary because you can sew the bias without using it, but I recommend it because it sews better and saves you steps.


2. To make the bias from the same fabric as the garment, you must cut a strip on the bias as long as you need and as wide as you want the bias to be. Insert the strip through the mouthpiece and see ironing the strip to give it the shape. You'll see what a vice! For our top we have used a 18 nozzle. We have cut the strip to 32 mm. Once you pass it through the nozzle you have 18 mm. and sewn on the garment it remains with a width of 9 mm.


3. Insert the bias bias into the presser foot. Leave a piece of strip protruding from behind to start sewing comfortably and place the fabric in the middle.


4. You can now start sewing.

5. Done!. You already have the bias perfectly sewn.