Sew with me a basic short-sleeved T-shirt

This is the second part of the series "sew with me basic t-shirt patterns". In this new video tutorial I'm going to show you how I sewed the basic short-sleeved t-shirt . This model is a basic that you have to have in your closet. It is a garment that will get you out of many troubles and depending on what you combine it with you will give a different look to your outfits.

And so that you can sew the same t-shirt model that I have sewn in the tutorial I leave below the link to my pattern. Think of it as a blank canvas and from this model you can make small variations to adapt it to your taste.

  • You can make the sleeve longer or shorter,
  • Finish the sleeve in different ways (here's a link to some of them) Finishing ideas for the sleeves of your short-sleeved t-shirts),
  • Make the hem asymmetrical, short at the front and long at the back.
  • Cut it like a crop top and wear a strapless top underneath and combine colors.
  • Lengthen the T-shirt to make it a summer dress.
  • To add pockets,perhaps a zipper or some artwork, etc.

Patrón camiseta básica manga corta

You will not need a special sewing machine, your home machine will be able to sew any stretch cotton knitted fabric. 

Tips before sewing stretch cotton stitch:

  1. Use a ball point needle (specifically for stretch fabrics), this way the fabric fibers will move sideways when the needle goes through the fabric and will not break them.
  2. Use the zig zag stitch if you use a flat (normal) machine.
  3. If you have an overlock use the four threads to sew and polish the seam allowance and in this way in one single pass you will do both operations (sewing and polishing the seam allowance).
  4. For the double stitching on the hem of the sleeves, bottom and neck, use a double needle specifically for stretch fabrics and two spools of threadI invite you to watch this reel I made for my instagram accountIt can help you to thread yours.
  5. Use the specific presser foot for elastic fabrics. The Teflon foot or the double feed foot. The Teflon foot is non-stick and moves over the fabric without stretching and the double feed foot walks over the fabric.

Let's sew a basic short sleeve t-shirt step by step. Tutorial


Note: The sewing process shown in the video is personal and indicative. This is how I sewed it. There are other processes to reach the same result and here I explain one of them and you can include your own solutions or provide new details that do not appear in the video. It is possible that you have sewn something similar in some occasion and that you have done some part of the process in a different way. All options are valid. I advise you to try several and then decide which one you find more comfortable to sew.