I am going to explain how to sew a waistband that wears perfect. I will use as an example the pattern of the midi skirt It has an invisible zipper on the back.

So that the corners are perfect, I am going to explain a little trick that will make the finish impeccable.

Practica este tipo de cinturillas con el patrón de la falda midi Christian.

Patrón falda midi cremallera invisible Christian


1. Fold the end of the zipper in the part where it does not have teeth, just at the height of the metal stop.

Cómo coser una cremallera invisible


2. With the point of the zipper folded over, fold the waistband over with the right side in.

Trucos para poner una cremallera invisible


3. Sew this section.

Cómo hacer que una cremallera invisible quede perfecta


4. And finally turn the waistband to the right.

Perfect corner!!

Coser una cremallera invisible fácil y rápido