It is very common that when you have already sewn the zipper to the waistband of the skirt, the seams are not aligned and this causes the final finish of the garment to lose quality. I am going to explain a very simple trick that will help you prevent this from happening to you.

Para practicar con un modelo real aquí te dejo el enlace de la falda midi Cristian.

Patrón falda midi cremallera invisible Christian

1. Attach the first side of the zipper to the waistband. You can sew it or leave it with the pins.

2. Make a notch in the zipper on the side that you have not sewn yet (it must be closed) just at the height of the line that joins the waistband and the skirt.

3. This notch will be of great help because when you have to sew the other side of the zipper you will know that this notch has to coincide with the joining line of the waistband and the skirt on the other side. Try it, you will see what a great satisfaction when you see that the two lines have been at the same height!! 😉