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It is important that you take the measurements in your underwear that you usually wear and that you do not measure yourself after eating or during your period which is when you are likely to be more bloated.

To measure your bust, put the tape around the middle of your bust, generally just above the nipple. The tape should be straight, at the hight of the shoulder blades and comfortable, neither too tight or too loose.

To locate the waist, bend your body slightly to one side. The fold that apppears is the waist. Place the measuring tape around the waist without pulling too tight or leaving it too loose.

For the hip measurement, with your legs together, place the measuring tape over the widest part of your bottom. The tape must be comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose.

With the download you will get two pdf files in Spanish and English. One in Din A4 format and one in Din A0 format.

The file in Din A4 format comes with the instructions to make your garment and the pattern. This file can be printed at home from your home printer. The pages of the pattern Din A4 must be cut and put together to obtain the complete pattern, If you want to print the pattern in a copy shop to not do the assembly work you will also have the Din A0 file in the download.

Yes, in the photo gallery of each model you will see the “measurements of the garment” box where you can consult other related measures.

When you purchase a pattern, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link where you can download the pdf file of the pattern you have purchased. The pattern includes all the sizes and the instructions are in English and Spanish.

In the documents that you will download you will find:

– A list of the materials you will need.

– A guide to body measurements and measurements of the garment.

– A map with the union of the leaves of the pattern.

– The sheets of the pattern (according to the option you have chosen in Din A4 format printable from your home printer or Din A0 to print in copy shop).


Din A4

Din A0

– The cutting plane where we suggest how to place the pieces of the pattern in the fabric.

– Step by step of the preparation of the garment with illustrations and supporting texts.