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When vacations and the desire to rest are in the air, the first thing that comes to mind is what I am going to take in my bag as I dream about where I will be in a few weeks.

Llévatelo de vacaciones y déjalo a la vista con tus productos preferidos o en casa como una cesta para tenerlo todo a mano.

El neceser de las fotografías está hecho con fieltro de 3 mm. de grosor de la casa del fieltro.

What are you going to download? PDF Sewing Pattern in din a4 and din a0 for the copy shop. This pattern has one size. Instructions in spanish and english.

Category: Autum-Winter / Spring-Summer Autumn-Winter / Spring-Summer
Size: U
Difficulty: 2/5

  • Description


    What do you need?

    Along with the pattern you will need the following:

    1. What am i downloading? (see more).
    2. For this model we recommend that you use 0.1" felt. thick or a thick, full-bodied fabric that won't fray. The felt that has been used for the photograph bag is 0.1" thick. la casa del fieltro
    3. Approximate amount of material required: 23" (felt)
    4. 1 nylon tape 1.5" wide x 27.5 long.
    5. 1 regulator (for 1.5" tape).
    6. Normal sewing tools (tape measure, scissors, pins, paper...).

    Other details:

    El fieltro This model is made with In the pieces of this pattern the direction of the thread is not indicated because it is planned to be made with felt. Felt is a fabric that is not woven, so it does not have a thread direction.

    To cut the felt I recommend the circular cutter.

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