Felt bag pattern


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When vacations and the desire to rest are in the air, the first thing that comes to mind is what I am going to take in my bag as I dream about where I will be in a few weeks.

Take it on vacation and leave it on display with your favorite products or at home as a basket to keep everything close at hand.

The cosmetic bag in the photographs is made with 3 mm felt. thickness of the casa del fieltro.

What are you going to download?

  • Sewing instructions pdf format.
  • Din A4 format pattern to assemble and print at home.
  • Din a0 format pattern for copy shop.
  • One size
  • Spanish and English
  • Difficulty: 2/5

  • Description


    I tell you more things:

    I have made the sewing pattern of the toiletry bag with felt fabric because this fabric has body and resistance. felt is a non-woven fabric that does not have a thread direction, so in the patterns you will not find the thread direction. You can cut the pieces as you like best.

    I also recommend that you use a circular cutter to cut it so that the cut is straight and clean. The felt allows these finishes because it does not fray. Whether you get a clean finish will depend on the precision of the cut you make.

    Get inspired by my Instagram, facebook and tik tok account to see the different possibilities that the same pattern has.

    What do you need?

    1. What am i downloading? (see more).
    2. For this model we recommend that you use 0.1" felt. thick or a thick, full-bodied fabric that won't fray. The felt that has been used for the photograph bag is 0.1" thick. la casa del fieltro
    3. Approximate amount of material required: 23" (felt)
    4. 1 nylon tape 1.5" wide x 27.5 long.
    5. 1 regulator (for 1.5" tape).
    6. Normal sewing tools (tape measure, scissors, pins, paper...).

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