We are launching a new sewing section: "sew with me"! oeeeee.

I am very excited to be able to teach you how to sew this bag and if you want to see how our patterns are sewn, we will make videos of the new models that we publish. Great isn't it?

Starting today and in two more days we will publish the three videos for you to learn how to sew the Tote Pocket. In this first video I am going to show you how to sew the pocket, on Thursday September 26 we will sew the bag and finally, on Monday October 4 we will sew the handles. I do it in three parts so that you can do it calmly and that everything can be seen very, very clearly. Seem to you?.

And to finish, just tell you that this type of pocket can be used in any of your sewing projects, such as a skirt or pants. The way to make it is the same and then you can add a waistband to the skirt or pants.

So, prepare the pattern and the fabric that you have bought that we start…